Rush and Adventure – Marine National Park, Gulf of Kutch

Instructions to arrive

The real beginning stage is Jamnagar, a community in the south-west piece of the state and is effectively come to via train from Ahmedabad. A 20-minute drive from Jamnagar contacts you to the port of Bedi, where your method of transportation changes profoundly.

The Park is on Pirotan Island and you need to venture to every part of the separation of 12 nautical miles by pontoon from the port of Bedi. It is a brave two-hour pontoon ride through the heaps of nature encased in this bay of 42 islands before you achieve the last goal.


Marine National Park in the Gulf of Kutch is the principal park of its sort in India and was set up in 1982. The Marine Sanctuary was framed with the sole motivation behind securing the colorful and uncommon marine life in this area. The Marine Sanctuary and National Park are secured under the arrangements of the Wildlife Protection Act of 1972, and has superbly safeguarded and ensured the various marine life.

At first the marine haven secured a region of 270 square km. which continuously extended to 458 square km. The Park inside the asylum covers in excess of 162 square km and includes a special characteristic abundance indispensably essential to our eco-framework.

Widely varied vegetation

The vegetation and ocean creature life is the primary draw of the Pirotan and the Marine National Park. The mind blowing and incomprehensible vision of nature begins when you enter the inlet on the pontoon ride, coursing your way through the numerous streams. Your way takes you reciprocally and bends amidst baffling mangroves overshadowing you.

The two-hour pontoon ride will abandon you entranced with not a snapshot of slack or fatigue. You should stay aware of the different flying creatures shuddering from island to island – more dazzling and energetic than their photos you may have seen before. Looking upwards ought not prevent you from gazing down into the water and the playing creatures underneath or more the surface. On the off chance that it is your day of reckoning you may even observe the dolphins playing around!

At last when you ‘dock’ at the Pirotan Island it is astute to be mindful when you bounce off the watercraft. The shallow water on the shore figures out how to cover the numerous corals strewn around, and it perhaps excruciating in the event that you jump onto one of them. When you check out you can see significant lots of mangroves and coral reefs of various, splendid hues.

The six assortments of mangroves go about as a soft and defensive condition for the multitudinous marine life; it is likewise an extraordinary rearing ground for egrets, herons, spoonbills, painted storks, flamingos, ducks, avocets, terns, little cormorants and gulls. You will likewise observe a ton of ocean weeds, ocean grass, Sesam, Limda, Kheru and Saag and so forth.

Uncommon marine warm blooded animals like Dugong and Borolo have discovered a place of refuge among the ocean grass and mangroves of the Marine National Park. Dugong, which looks particularly like a seal, isn’t to be found anyplace else on the planet. Spotting it likely could merit your endeavors, as would seeing the iridescently shaded school of fish swimming past your feet or the multi hued coral reef.

The best part about the Marine National Park is that you get the opportunity to see the vast majority of the striking ocean animals on the shore, since they are washed shorewards with the tide. You can have a nearby take a gander at the octopuses, star fish in the shallow waters, jellyfish, puffer fish, green ocean turtles (huge ones), Oliver Ridley turtles, lobsters and some more.

An enthusiastic nature darling will discover the rundown beneath intriguing

37 types of corals, 94 sorts of flying creatures, 30 kinds of crabs, prawns of in excess of 60 assortments, 3 positive kinds of ocean warm blooded animals, red, green and dark colored green growth of about 108 species are all to be seen at the Marine National Park. Reason enough to book your excursion this coming season.

Significant realities about the Marine National Park

As the spot of visit is arranged along the reef coastline, it is helpless to the tides of the ocean, which implies high tides and low tides, can influence goings and comings to the Park. You can ride in easily on an elevated tide and have a good time on the shore as the tide ebbs off. As the water retreats you get the chance to see probably the most wonderful corals littered on the seashore; this is one of the not very many spots on the planet where you see corals without going submerged!.

The tidal ebb and flow entering this gulf of the Arabian Sea is quick at about 2.5 m every second and the tallness of the tsunami ranges from 4 to 7 meters high. The speed and the tallness of the tide help to keep out the majority of the dregs of the incomparable Arabian Sea from entering this sound and causing contamination.

The islands are not human populated thus have no fundamental offices accessible by any means – they are naturally unadulterated, immaculate and real. Timberland watches and individuals working at the Light house are to be found here and since Pirotan is a “Place where there is the Sage Kwaja”, you will see the servers or mujhavar of the Shrine.

Valuable Tips for Tourists

• The tide has a 12-hour cycle, which implies an elevated tide at six toward the beginning of the day will be rehashed twelve hours after the fact at six p.m.

• The tide may not come in the meantime tomorrow or the following day; it is in a steady evolving example.

• The elevated tide perpetually comes in the early mornings of the fifth, sixth and the seventh of the Guajarati lunar logbook.

• Trips masterminded in the above dates help voyagers to make the excursion and be back before dinnertime, before the beginning of the patterned next elevated tide.

• Plan your trek as per the tide timings to guarantee a fulfilled outing and a speedy and safe profit for time.

• The Marine National Park, Gulf of Kutch is open from mid-October to March each year.

• You should convey your very own drinking water as none is accessible overall pontoon trip anyplace.

• To visit the Marine National Park, an Indian traveler will require grants from the Customs Department, Forest Department and the Port Authorities.

• Foreign voyagers will require an extra license from the Police to visit the Park.

• Dress reasonably for the stroll on the shoreline of corals and against the rough atmosphere. Thick soled shoes and a breeze con artist ought to do fine; comfortable garments underneath will shield you from the cold in the winter months.

• Marine National Park is a “No Litter” zone.

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